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Miller Speech-Language offers a full-range of speech-language therapy services for a variety of clients of all ages, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay, Down's syndrome, motor speech disorders, the effects of stroke, Parkinson's, head injury,  and voice training needs. Robin Miller, Certified Speech-Language Therapist, brings to her private practice clinical and school experience as well as a toolbox of unique and industry-standard approaches to speech and language challenges.

 Parent Training

Smart Palate

Robin is a certified instructor for the It Takes Two to Talk and the More Than Words parent training programs  through the Hanen Centre. This qualifies her to employ SPARK Communication™, a program designed specifically for professionals who work with young children with language delays and their families (non-SLPs). Through application of this tool, Robin is able to coach parents in employing research-based responsive interaction strategies,  known to accelerate children’s early language development.

 One of the tools Robin uses with clients is SmartPalate, a biofeedback system that outfits a customized acrylic mouthpiece with sensors that capture tongue-to-palate contact. The accompanying software helps clients use the feedback to match their tongue placement to the articulation patterns for their target sounds. 

Applied Behavioral Analysis

Robin has extensive training in ABA verbal behavioral methods. She received training through the WSU Young Autism Clinic while in graduate school and then additional training through Vincent Carbone, Ed, D, BCBA-D, and Penn State University.  She continues to use principles of verbal behavior within her therapy sessions along with other speech/language therapy methods. 

Voice Training Clients

Robin has extensive background working with a variety of voice disorders and she has recently expanded her training to include voice training .  Therapy not only includes pitch modification, but also may include resonance, intonation (the rhythm of speech), articulation, and nonverbal language training.


VowelViz is a speech therapy app that Robin uses to help clients compare their vowel pronunciation with target ranges and audio recordings. Feedback is immediate and helps clients learn to produce cleaner and more distinct vowels.

A MacGyver Approach

One of the challenges Robin like sbest about her job is coming up with unique solutions to the specific speech therapy needs of her clients. She is good at thinking out of the box to pull together strategies to help clients succeed.
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